Friday, March 18, 2011

Did you know????

Hey for those of you who still have this blog bookmarked (I know some of you still do!), did you know that you can update this link to my new one? Even though my new blog is a domain off of my website, it still works in the blogspot link list!!!! I was surprised and happy to find this out myself! So yes . . . for those of you who haven’t updated my blog (which it’s been the new one for 4 long months with lots of fun posts!). Just thought I’d let you know that you CAN update a domain name in the supposed “blogspot” place. Go try it out!

Remember the new blog is:

I know you want to see more of this cutie on my other blog . . .OliverP1090

Thank you to all of my awesome followers! You all are the best and I hope you are having a wonderful 2011!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


That’s right everyone . . . you heard me right! I have a NEW BLOG! This blog will continue to remain online, but I no longer will be posting here.

So right now change your bookmark to

That’s right.

If you haven’t changed your bookmark yet,  go do it now to save you time in the future.

Thank you to all of my faithful readers of this blog. It seriously has been SO much fun! Hopefully you all love the new blog just as much or more than this one (Ok I secretly hope you love the new one WAY better!).

I have lots of beautiful sessions that I’m still getting caught up on from the summer, so this new blog is a perfect place to put them all! Go check out a beautiful bridal session with Mercedes and TJ! And leave some comment love to let me know how you like the blog :)


Click on this image or again go to THIS LINK to check out the NEW BLOG! Thanks again everyone for being so awesome and supporting me in this extremely awesome dream come true for me over the past 3 years. Can’t wait for the ride ahead!

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brian and Beth’s Wedding


It was a perfectly beautiful day in August. Partly cloudy and warm weather are exactly what I call a beautiful wedding day. But not only was the weather and light incredible, even more spectacular was the love and excitement shared by Beth and Brian with their family and friends as a celebration for such a perfect day and union. I was completely honored and thrilled to capture their lovely day.

BrianBethWed007bw BrianBethWed012 BrianBethWed028 BrianBethWed034 BrianBethWed043bw

These flower girls were just too cute for words. They couldn’t get enough of helping Beth with her gorgeous princess train.

 BrianBethWed049BrianBethWed051   Yet somebody else was a little too zonked to join in the fun :)


You rock it Beth! Serious beautiful twirl!


These next two shots are only really possible with a train as long as Beth’s. And yes her train just so happened to be one of my favorite details. And the light here was just stunning. Can’t decide which of the next two are my favorites:

BrianBethWed171ctex BrianBethWed176sepia   BrianBethWed214 BrianBethWed223BrianBethWed194 BrianBethWed227 BrianBethWed235bw BrianBethWed244  BrianBethWed276crop Next it was time to literally run off to the dinner reception! We took full opportunity of using some of the beautiful spots at the Provo Library just before the dinner started. By this point, these two are definitely total pro models in front of my camera. I couldn’t ask for more willing and fun couple!

BrianBethWed331 BrianBethWed328 BrianBethWed360 BrianBethWed363  BrianBethWed376 BrianBethWed374 I couldn’t have loved their dinner reception more. It was so relaxing for everyone. No line. Just good food, entertainment, and lots of dancing! Really the ideal way for the bride, groom, and everyone involved to celebrate and end a perfect day!

These little girls wrote up a fairy tale of “Princess Beth” and “Prince Brian’s” story. Too adorable.

BrianBethWed397 BrianBethWed402 Ok I personally thought this next act was the best ever! I was literally laughing my head off while taking pictures of these hilarious numbers! These are Beth’s older sisters impersonating Brian and Beth. They took three Broadway songs (I can’t remember the 2nd song, but the first was “Me,” from Beauty and the Beast sung by the character Gaston) and adapted it to fit Brian and Beth, and it was simply hilarious! Not only did both of these sisters have incredible voices, they were serious performers. Completely entertaining! The pictures definitely prove the later part, you’ll just have to trust me about their singing voices ;) Enjoy some of my favorite outtakes!

BrianBethWed417BrianBethWed399 BrianBethWed412 BrianBethWed422  The first two songs were meant to be funny and entertaining, the last song was such a intro for Beth and Brian and their new life together, as they sang the song, “For Good.”

BrianBethWed432sepia BrianBethWed459 BrianBethWed510 BrianBethWed496bw BrianBethWed499Now onto the party!BrianBethWed542

This sweet grandpa had lots of fun with the rest of everyone doing the “Hokey Pokey!”

BrianBethWed547BrianBethWed491 Then just a bunch of fun and craziness!

BrianBethWed518  BrianBethWed576   BrianBethWed606 BrianBethWed631bw

Beth and Brian – THANK YOU for an incredibly fun day and evening! I loved everything about your day, as well as the two of you and how you made me feel so much a part of your family and friends. It was a blast being a part of it all and being able to document all of the fun moments! Thanks also for your patience for this post! You both have been far more patient for this post than I could have ever asked for! Thank you! It means the world to me!

Thanks everyone else for stopping by and letting me share with you TONS of my favorite images from this wedding day! Feel welcome to leave this couple some comment love and congratulations :)

And as always, more posts coming soon :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

SLC Temple in Spring Gallery Wrap For Sale

Do-not-copy-temple Last spring I was lucky enough to take this picture of the beautiful Salt Lake City LDS Temple during the prime time in spring. I just loved this picture so much that I thought I’d print it up big in canvas. I unfortunately don’t have a lot of room for it in my condo right now though. One day this piece of art will grace the walls of my home, but for now I thought I’d put it up for sale and give it a good home hanging large and big in someone else’s house. This would also make a fantastic Christmas gift to a loved one!

So here we go:

$175 (still available)

*20x30 Canvas Gallery Wrap (This is huge. Just measure it. 20 inches by 30 inches. Yep it will definitely draw attention in your home)

*Ready to hang on the wall

*Already printed and ready to pick up or ship to your home.

*Obviously the “Please do not copy” is only for web-use, but my name in the corner is as shown and is visible on the front side, while more of the picture (which is not shown online here) is wrapped around the corners for a complete gallery wrap feel and look.

*Option to pick this up at my home in the Utah County area, or I can have it shipped to wherever you are. Shipping a huge piece like this safely starts around $25 for ground standard shipping.

*Payment taken through Paypal account.

*Contact me at: angelaliddle (at) gmail (dot) com, if you have any questions or would love to purchase this beautiful gallery wrap.

Feel welcome to email family members or friends if you think someone might be interested in this piece of art. It’s always a nice feeling having spring permanently in your home all year round! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mercedes and Trefton’s SLC Temple Wedding


Remember this couple?  They were married on a beautiful warm day at the end of July, radiating and smiling from ear to ear, they each glowed with such happiness that it made me so incredibly happy to photograph them on this most important day in their lives. 

TJMercedesWed003 TJMercedesWed018bw TJMercedesWed030 TJMercedesWed034 TJMercedesWed058

  This next one: John and my two different angles of TJ and his friends jumping. I think both angles are cool:

TJMercedesWed092bw TJMercedesWed136bwTJMercedesWed141 TJMercedesWed151  Got to love brothers :)

TJMercedesWed155bw TJMercedesWed159crop

I soooo wish I would have had someone take a picture of me taking this next picture. I swear my cheek was touching the hot cobbled ground. And I was definitely pregnant by then (without the belly, but still cramped inside) so to contort my body to get this shot was for me an accomplishment. I love this shot so much that it was worth it.

TJMercedesWed169These two are my definition of classy. They are eye candy together and have such poise and elegance while I photographed them.

TJMercedesWed172bw TJMercedesWed184 TJMercedesWed202  TJMercedesWed213sepia TJMercedesWed217ctex TJMercedesWed238   TJMercedesWed245TJMercedesWed266 TJMercedesWed275

TJMercedesWed249 TJMercedesWed282 TJMercedesWed298 TJMercedesWed314  This next one was literally one of the last shots at the temple as they raced away to get to the luncheon. I like to only half joke that my couples literally have to run away from me in order for me to stop taking pictures of them. I wish I could say that didn’t have truth behind it, but all of my wonderful couples will have to smile and nod in agreement that I really could just keep going on and on with pictures once I get going :)

TJMercedesWed342 But we’ll end with another shot that I adore:


Mercedes and TJ --I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of this road to documenting your fantastically beautiful wedding. Your wedding was definitely one of my top weddings of this year, and I’m so glad you somehow found me even though you are from Idaho. Thanks for making the trip down here more than once. It has been so much fun getting to know you both and becoming new friends. I wish you all the happiness in your new marriage and life together.

Their bridal session was one of those sessions that I WILL blog because it was fantastic and can’t be forgotten, but I knew how anxious Mercedes was to see these wedding shots that I wanted to blog this wedding first. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Please leave some comment love for Mercedes and TJ.